There are many great sites for cancer patients dealing with everything from chemo, to alternative treatments, to food, to you name it.  This page is not going to be that.  It is just some of the sayings, videos, poems, and prayers that helped Marge through this very difficult time.


Coming soon: videos of cancer survivors with their messages of hope and advice on how to mentally cope with the disease.



The first song was sent by Wesley a friend in Haiti to Marge on the news of her cancer.  A few days later when she was about to start treatments, she got an email from her son Pat’s friends in Ghana that quoted the same exact song.  It instantly became her favorite and brought almost immediate relaxation and stress relief.

While it had nothing to do with cancer, this song was long one of Marge’s favorite and we talked of it often even in her last days.



  • Carpe Diem!  (She ended nearly every email with this quote for years!)
  • The first part of cancer is can   (sorry have no idea who said it first)
  • “Right now.  I am ok right now.  No one knows what the future holds.”
  • “Yoga Breath”
  • “Pray, Fight, Win”