Who was Marge Mahar?


Whether as Mother, teacher, friend, or merely acquaintance, Marge touched many people in her life.

Margaret Toohey began her professional teaching career at Portville High School.  While in Portville, she made regular stops at the FJ Mahar Service Store (as the Park and Shops were then known as) where she began “seeing” James Mahar.  They fell in love and eventually were married and had five children (Jimmy, Mikey, Danny, Pat, and Mary).

After having having two children, she stopped teaching at Portville but maintained her efforts with the grocery stores.  After Mary (the youngest) began school, Marge returned to teaching, this time at Walsh High School where she became a pillar for over two decades.  Teaching English, Global, History, and Latin, she imparted her knowledge to  hundreds of students who had great Regents grades, excelled in national mythology exams, and went on to careers in all walks of life.

What was not measured however was the impact she had in and outside the classroom in non academic areas.

A quiet person she led by example and was always there for the underdog: from helping students (after school) long after school officials said to give up on them to her favorite New York Mets.

While teaching was more than a full time job for her, Marge remained active in the stores doing grocery orders, “book-work”, and making advertisement signs.  Somehow in spite of all of this, she found time to attend all of her family’s sporting and school events, read vociferously, and serve as undisputed matriarch of the family.

A “renaissance woman” (See Mary’s eulogy), Marge loved nature and made annual camping trips to various parks around the country.  She was also an avid history buff and sports fan (Bonnies, Mets, Sabres were her Big Three).

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Lifting before the fateful trip to Roswell

In February 2012 Marge was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.  Although she put up a very good fight and was winning (she lifted weights and walked in the days prior to her last chemo treatment), Marge had a bad reaction to her chemotherapy and her cancer damaged lungs could not recovery.  On March 20th, she passed from this life.

She will continue to live on through this website and the works of her family, past students, and friends who were encouraged and motivated by her giving, positive attitude, and love for all.

More to come