How to make a blanket

Here is the type of blanket that our volunteers will be making.  They are fast and easy to make but very soft, warm, and comfortable (uh some would say “warm and snuggly”).

How to make:

How to make a blanket (by Jimmy who NEVER made a blanket before this)

  1. .  Get a piece of “no pill felt”  that is at least 60 inches long (72 inches are what I have been making as they cover tall people better!)  The width is whatever the size to the roll is (the ones I found in Olean are 58 inches wide or so they told me, I never measured)
  2. Fold the material so that one cut is really two cuts (efficiency :) )use pins to hold in place.
  3. Cut the factory edge off the material (I took off about 1/2 inch)
  4. Take note of which way the material stretches.  In the two corners that are NOT IN THE MIDDLE, cut out a 4″ by 5″ rectangle (yeah the video says square, but easier to tie (see step #6) if the cut is a little LONGER in the direction that does not stretch).
  5. Make a series of cuts a little less than an inch wide on the three (3) sides of the material as deep as the corner cuts (so 4 inches on stretchy side, 5 inches on not-stretchy side).  REMEMBER DO NOT CUT THE FOLD!!!
  6. Take out pins
  7. Tie knots all the way around the “blanket”
  8. Admire your work :)
  9. Attach the Pray-Fight-Win patch
  10. Put a tie on the blanket or insert into a large “ziploc” bag along with sheets of encouragement and who made the blanket (these will be available online)
  11. Mail to BonaResponds (WarmSnugglyBlanket Project) 231 Murphy Building St. Bonaventure NY 14778








The fleece material is available at many places in most cities and online.  Here is one that we found from