Welcome to Warm Snuggly Blanket!  It is an ongoing project to deliver blankets and letters of support to people who are undergoing cancer treatments.  The project grew out of an idea that Marge Mahar had as she was undergoing her own treatments.

Marge had been a high school teacher for much of her life. Additionally she had a large family.  In the roles of mother and teacher, she impacted many people.  Needless to say when she was first diagnosed with cancer (stage 4 breast cancer) she posted on Facebook and was inundated with prayers and good wishes from around the world.  As she read through them and later prayed for all of those praying for her, she repeatedly said she felt like she was being wrapped in a warm snuggly blanket.

When she was being driven to the cancer center (Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo) she commented many times how glad she was to have so many people supporting her and that they all gave her strength and courage.  She also said that she wanted to start a program (though BonaResponds) that would help those cancer patients who were alone and had no large support group. From that idea and the great work of Kim Kotz (Villa Volunteers) came the idea of WarmSnugglyBlanket.